Coast Drive Management


Benefits Consumers Get From Delivery


Increased Access

Delivery services increase access to safe and reliable products for adult-use and medical-use consumers alike. This translates to a huge benefit for customers that have mobility issues, are too ill, or live too far from a brick & mortar storefront.

INcreased Privacy

Customers see delivery services as a discrete way to shop. Some may not want the stigma associated with being seen walking into a storefront. Delivery allows those customers to avoid a bad run-in while out in public.


Delivery saves customers time spent waiting in line or tourists from getting lost in a neighborhood they are unfamiliar with. With on demand service, customers won't have to worry about stocking product in their homes. 




Delivery & Online shopping is the way

More and more consumers are looking to online shopping and delivery options in their daily life. 




E-commerce sites are thriving from offering delivery to their customers. Think of the following:

  • Amazon
  • Uber Eats
  • Postmates
  • Saucey

Online Shopping

Brick & mortar storefronts are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Society as a whole is turning to online shopping for many reasons but primarily for convenience. 

Online shopping provides the customer an immediate package of information. They can browse the shop, see product images and learn more through descriptions and peer reviews.