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Benefits from Delivery to Local Municipalities


Increase Access

Delivery is a good option for municipalities who want to provide their community with access to legal, licensed and safe cannabis but do not want to allow storefronts in                                    

Community Acceptance 

Delivery services are not a zoning issue for municipalities. They do not increase foot or vehicle traffic in the area and do not create parking nightmares in neighborhoods. Delivery services are often met with less community resistance because of these reasons and solves the negative effects of "Not in My Backyard" (NIMBY) from community members.


Low barriers of entry

The low barriers of entry for delivery services allow the community to increase the diversity among business owners. Municipalities would be supporting small businesses from community members who would have difficulties raising the capital required for a storefront operation.

Job Creation

Delivery services are a huge engine for job creation in municipalities. They rely on a large number of employees to operate properly including:

  • Drivers
  • Managers
  • & other labor positions                       

Tax Revenue

Tax revenue from cannabis is expected to be high and would fill in budget shortfalls for municipalities that allow delivery services to come into their communities.

Continuing to not have delivery regulations feeds the black market as demand increases which translates to lost tax revenue for municipalities.

Current taxes on cannabis products

  • 15% state excise tax
  • 7.75% sales tax
  • 5% municipal tax